Psychotherapy for Women, Families and Children

In my work with women, I incorporate somatic methods into psychotherapy sessions to empower you to receive the wisdom held in your body. Beneath the conditioned identities of who you are as a women that arise from early relationships, the culture you develop in, and the ways your nervous system continues to react to protect you from past threats, there is an abiding power and radiance that is your birthright. I refer to this distinctly feminine power (though it is not exclusive to women) as receptive power and I believe that women themselves, and the world at large flourish with access to this type of nourishment. By connecting with receptive power in a safe and contained way, my hope is that you will begin to experience an increasing sense of trust in yourself and over time will integrate this source of nourishment into all areas of your life. In addition to an over-arching orientation of trauma-informed-body-oriented psychotherapy, specific areas of passion and focus in my work include: trauma resolution; unraveling shame; attachment and relational dynamics; family systems and structures; pre and perinatal impacts; and imprints and assets across generations. You can read more about my approach to psychotherapy here.

In working with families and children, I combine somatic methods that support nervous system regulation and trauma resolution with attachment/relational and family systems perspectives and play therapy. I have found meeting with parents and families to be the most impactful way to effect change for children in therapy. I work with different configurations of family members in sessions based on what will most serve the needs your child or family is seeking help with. This will include individual sessions with children, with parents without children present, and with parents and children together.

I create a safe and inviting therapeutic space for children to open up and share what’s happening in their internal world. I am skilled in understanding family dynamics and what children are communicating through their behaviors and their non-verbal expressions. I aim to help caregivers understand what their children’s behavior is communicating, so they can respond effectively.

Somatic Experiencing

I am a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), meaning I’ve completed a three year training in a body-oriented method for resolving trauma and other stress conditions developed by Peter Levine, Ph.D.. The SE method understands trauma as residing in the nervous system rather than the traumatic event, and resulting from an inability to complete self protective survival responses at the time they were needed. SE is a gentle and effective method that aims to support the completion of thwarted survival responses from a position of present moment safety and empowerment in order to allow people greater access to thriving in the present. I integrate SE methods into all my therapeutic work, meaning I’m tracking your nervous system, and guiding you to experience greater calm and stability in your physiology during our sessions.

Therapy in Nature

In addition to doing therapeutic work in an office, we have the option of working together outside in a natural environment. Being in nature is inherently calming to the nervous system, which is a key component in trauma healing. Additionally, somatic methods for trauma resolution are particularly well suited to outdoor applications. When we sit or walk in nature together, you will have the opportunity to be guided in these methods that support a calm state of mind and body as you explore the conditions that bring you into therapy. Therapy in nature can be ideal for teenagers and young adults. 

Women’s Therapy Groups

This is an opportunity for women to come together in a small group to experience a sense of connection, belonging, and being witnessed in their multitude of feelings and instincts towards mobilization and empowerment in care of the world. I utilize my training as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner to support the formation of a coherent group/social nervous system to enable group members in experiencing a felt sense of safety and access to present moment relating. Each woman will have an opportunity to receive and offer support and accurate reflection in their movement towards what they desire. Please contact me or sign up below for info on upcoming groups.

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