Conscious Rage

Conscious Rage 982 1280 Sarah Ross

Collage by Sarah Ross

“Through the skillful expression of her rage, her life force was fully restored to her, and she was able to rest deeply as she emanated her radiant light.”

Rage tends to have a bad wrap. It can be very destructive. I use the term conscious rage to distinguish healthy and useful rage from the destructive manifestation of the emotion. I spent a good deal of energy trying to “get rid,” of “my,” rage, until I realized I was attempting to banish one of the most important and life giving parts of myself.

Rage is a difficult energy to work with. It is a mighty force and can easily overwhelm our systems. This is particularly true when it is historical rage that has been suppressed and lying dormant for a long time. Because the energy of rage is so strong, and it may originate in infancy or childhood in relationship to caregivers we were dependent on, we tend to cut it off from our consciousness. This is when rage is most destructive – when it is acted upon from an unconscious place. Integrating rage into consciousness is SLOW work, requiring skillful guidance. When the conditions are right for the energy of rage to flow in a healthy way, it is enlivening.

What I know is that there is a lot of rage in this world and justifiably so. Whenever another living beings’ inherent power is blocked – whether it be by emotional or physical means- rage is the energy that rises up, to restore the natural and undeniable inclination towards aliveness.

Where have you seen examples of healthy or conscious rage?